Monday, 24 March 2014

Grange Road — 1950's Modernist Portico

A large semi-detached block with little to commend it except its distinctive copper clad porticos with one upright formed as a rectangular panel. The detail is Modernist in inspiration, very much Basildon New Town where I grew up, in fact, and related to Basil Spence's Coventry Cathedral by the thinnest of threads. Without them this block would be utterly unremarkable.

Both gable ends have been overpainted, I think, though they may have been that way as built. All the windows and front doors are modern replacements of what would have been metal units originally but do look to be in the right style. The single shared chimney stack with just two pots means only a single hearth in each house so perhaps it had central heating of some kind installed when built.

What is remarkable about the house is the fact that it is the only example with such porticos in the Longford area, and really, it's the only building that includes Modernist detail of any kind.

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