Sunday, 23 March 2014

Burbages Lane — 1930's Zigzag Moderne

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Flat roofed 'Zigzag Moderne' houses in Burbages Lane, Neals Green. The pebbledashing is not an original feature, nor are the porches and windows which are later additions and modern replacements. This block is spoiled probably beyond possible restoration in the future because of the deleterious effects of pebbledash concrete render upon brick faces and lime mortar.

Above are better houses in the same continuous strip of originally eight blocks of which six remain. The block to the right is the same style as the pebbledashed block in the picture above but without the addition of porches and with unspoiled brickwork. The windows, however, are replacements and the bay window absolutely inappropriate for the style of house. 

The block at centre is well preserved. Though one house has replacement windows, doors and brickwork repointed with concrete mortar the other house looks to have never been repointed and if it ever has, in lime, and by a miracle not only retains the metal Crittal windows it was designed to have but with such lovely wavy reflections the panes are probably the cylinder glass they were originally glazed with too. 

It is the best preserved house in the entire surviving strip of 10 (two sites demolished and built on) and looks to be entirely original all round excepting a replacement front door and plastic downpipe instead of the cast iron one it once possessed. 

I think it should be locally listed. 

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