Historical Pictures

Thomas Mann

Thomas Mann's House

 Sydnall Road, 1905

 Woodshires Road, 1905

 Market Square with Salem Church at far left, early 1900's

Main Street shops. 1970's. The lovely green tile facades at left survive only at one shop, then Barclays Bank. The other three have been 'modernised' but remain empty most of the time. 
The business now running in the surviving shop is doing very well indeed. 

 Coal train delivering to the power station. Near Hawkesbury Junction

 Gasworks — River Sowe at bottom, Foleshill Road at left. Looking South. 1932

 Gasworks — Looking East. 1932

 Gasworks — Looking North-West. 1932

 Gasworks — Looking West. 1932

 Gasworks — Looking North. Longford at top centre. 1932

Gasworks — Longford Park is at top left, Windmill Road running into the distance. 1932

Main Street (Longford Road) 1920's

Hawkesbury Junction

The power station beyond the greyhound Pub

The Greyhound Hawkesbury Junction, 1980/90's

Bedworth Road from Bridge 10

Main Street (Longford Road) from Bridge 10

Hawkesbury Junction

Salem Methodist Chapel. Watercolour of unknown age but probably nineteenth century

The Dovedale Cinema at Junction of Longford Road and Windmill Lane. 1920/30's
Was an an asian cinema specialising in asian film for some years and known as the 
Ritz then, but now mothballed and up for auction.

The power station, Hawkesbury Junction at left. 1929

Longford Power Station viewed from an upper window of the
Old Crown, Aldermans Green, 1960's. 

Aerial view of Longford Power Station, 1950's? 

Interior views of the power station

Two girls on a swing on the towpath of the Oxford Canal Near Tusses Bridge, probably 1940/50's

The power station in 1979

St Thomas Church viewed from Longford Square, probably 1910/20's

Gasworks at site of present Ricoh Arena, Rowleys Green, probably 1980's

Gas tower just before demolition

Hurst Road in flood, 1920's

The Greyhound Inn, 1980's

Landlady of the Greyhound Inn for over 40 years, Mary Beasley. Late 19th Century (died 1928)

Tram coming down Longford Road at the railway bridge toward Coventry, 1920/30's.

Steam train has just passed over

Grange Road, 1920/30's

Sutton Stop, 1979


  1. Absolutely fascinating. Having lived in Longford for 30 years, we have spent a while looking at the photos. Fascinating, especially the aerial views and the Power Station. Thank you for sharing these images.

  2. Schools in Coventry should be learning about such history!

  3. 120 Megawatt. £ x 30 MW sets and 2 x 15 MW.
    Served my time there as electrical fitter, 1964 to 1969