Saturday, 21 March 2009

Aldermans Green Power Station (demolished)

Aldermans Green power station was demolished many years ago, the land covered in a hill of refuse, now well overgrown and with young trees establishing themselves. In years to come it will be a place of some beauty. The hill gives enormous unimpeded panoramic views of the surrounding land and the whole of Coventry to the South. This is one of the only extant remnants of the power station itself - the canal side service road,with its long defunct street lamps, now enjoying new usage as the tarmac stretch of an extensive dirt track for stolen motorbikes

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  1. I enjoyed seeing your snaps of Longford I worked at the place in the 60's.When I was there it was the canal that was 'passing away', now the power plant has gone the same way.The canals have had a second life as leisure areas but the power stations have had to move to more suitable sites as technology has advanced. I used to cycle to the plant usually but also walked the canal towpath to my house at Potter's Green. I remember the heavy fog that rose in the winter over the common. We'd heard of plans for a motorway but couldn't really believe it, it was such a peaceful spot in those days.